Phoebe et ses z’amis

Bon j’ai tellement de retard dans mon blog que je vais vous le faire dans le désordre !

Vous ai je présenté les amis de Phoebe ?

Le meilleur ami de Phoebe, Alex le chat qui est inscrit au fight-club local… on dirait pas, comme ça !

Oxbow le St Bernard de ma soeur… Grâce à lui, mon Bouvier Bernois semble tout petit !


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    Nini 29 octobre 2004

    Trop mimi ta chienne!Encore mieux en vrai!

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      Lynda 3 janvier 2017

      That’s a slick answer to a chalgenling question

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      Steve, your wedding photos are always truly stunning but even you have surpassed yourself with these. They are so beautiful! you must be so proud of them, Ive told all my freinds and family that they must come and look at these on your blog, there has to be some kind of award you can win for these!?

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      I think no body can say anything is wrong in this post because these are the very important parts if we are take our business into the new heights in front of the world.

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    Summer 3 janvier 2017

    Y crees que ve a los que se miran tras de si en el esuuao?…jenqpe a veces no basta murmurar, …mejor hablar alto y claro.sobretodo con el sr. Tiempo…(que siempre pasa!)salu2

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    nowej marki niemieckiej ? ostatnio czÄ™sto ten motyw siÄ™ pojawia, ale po prawdzie nowa waluta bylaby bardzo nie na reke sÄ…siadom – po jej wprowadzeniu umocnila by sie zapewne znacznie, co dla czoÅ‚owej gospodarki eksportowej na swiecie byloby niekorzystne

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    finanzierung 9 mars 2017

    Aha, finally! I’ve felt like a balloon about to burst since I was told this news. Get ready to write, everyone! I never expected to win, etc, but more about that in a proper blog post! Stay tuned.

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    criminal case 24 avril 2017

    Hello again, Please, please ignore my comment above regarding the dates – I obviously shouldn’t try to communicate this late at night – or maybe I just need more tea . . . either way, apologies for leaving such a dumb comment . . . Leah

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