Internet and teenagers

A really interesting interview of Stephanie « Pink hair » Booth about teenagers, parents, and internet, a quite curious trio !

Many parents always had the fantasy to spy their children, and blogs, MySpace, etc… are useful tools to realize this… »dream » ? This small interview explains clearly that it can become a really dangerous « vicious circle », and moreover that the « internet psycho » had to be decoded and reduced to its real part in our kids virtual relationships…

Stephanie, an ex Swiss teacher, and currently professional Internet/Blog expert, was one of the first « veteran » who opened a blog a few years ago (in 2000, if I remember well). She always had really pertinent and original point of views, so it’s really justice that she’s becoming well known and recognized in public and journalistic sphere… 🙂

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    coco 22 mai 2007

    aha that i’ll use in class Thx Babes!

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