Internet and teenagers

A really interesting interview of Stephanie “Pink hair” Booth about teenagers, parents, and internet, a quite curious trio !

Many parents always had the fantasy to spy their children, and blogs, MySpace, etc… are useful tools to realize this…”dream” ? This small interview explains clearly that it can become a really dangerous “vicious circle”, and moreover that the “internet psycho” had to be decoded and reduced to its real part in our kids virtual relationships…

Stephanie, an ex Swiss teacher, and currently professional Internet/Blog expert, was one of the first “veteran” who opened a blog a few years ago (in 2000, if I remember well). She always had really pertinent and original point of views, so it’s really justice that she’s becoming well known and recognized in public and journalistic sphere… 🙂

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    coco 22 mai 2007

    aha that i’ll use in class Thx Babes!

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